Academic Integrity

Interpretation of Terms

  • Company or My Perfect Essay com working under the domain of My Perfect Essay m is an essay writing service that helps you write academic papers while maintaining high academic standards and integrity.
  • My Perfect Essay Expert Writer refers to a person who is hired by the Company as an in-house essay writer to provide writing and editing services. This person is under the Company's agreement.
  • A Customer or Client is someone who visits My Perfect Essay in order to get help from an expert writer. Or to use the tools or samples of academic assignments provided on the platform free of charge.
  • The Company provides a Writing Service with the help of its Expert Writers. This service is available for a fixed amount of time and under specific Customer requirements.
  • To Deliver Writing Service' means to create or write a finished project for someone else for money. This can be a term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay, report, or any other written project. It can also involve other types of assignments such as recorded, pictorial, and artistic works.
  • Product means the result of the paper writing service being delivered to a customer. It includes a copy of the academic task that the customer assigns to a writing service. The Product is not intended for submission to any university, college, academy, school, or other educational institution that is authorized by the state to give degrees, diplomas, certificates, or courses of study.


Acts of Academic Dishonesty As Considered by My Perfect Essay


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and presenting it as your own. It can be written or pictorial.


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and presenting it as your own. It can be written or pictorial.


Falsely pretending to be an expert writer on My Perfect Essay or a student, or having someone else pretend to be you, is called impersonation.

Contract Cheating

The act of contracting someone else to complete an academic task for you, in exchange for money or some other type of payment.

The global learning movement is striving to make higher education more accessible for everyone. At My Perfect Essay, we're contributing by providing personalized academic assistance that gives each student the attention they deserve!

This document outlines our company's vision for the proper and responsible usage of the professional essay writing service.

  • My Perfect Essay says that the practice of trafficking academic materials serves no legitimate purpose and is bad for students and academia in particular, and the public in general. My Perfect Essay does not condone such practices on its website.
  • We or our expert writers won't help you cheat on your school assignments. This includes giving the advice to plagiarize the paper, providing wrong citations for any information, or even turning in someone else's work as yours.
  • Our expert writers are not allowed to help students cheat or plagiarize. If we find out that any of their writers is helping a student break academic rules set by his/her school.

A Message for Students

We hope that you will not use My Perfect Essay or any of its services for activities that violate your educational institution’s rules and regulations, as it is against the law to do so!

Customers should not use My Perfect Essay for any illegal activities, such as cheating or violating academic integrity and college policies. This includes using the site to hire an expert writer who will help you plagiarize papers or cheat in any way.

A Message for Students

My Perfect Essay is committed to providing the best customer service possible for all of our customers and students. So, we trust you will be professional and honest with your work on this platform.

As a professional writer at, you must follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that your work is up-to-par with our standard guidelines:

  • Our expert writers must not create or contribute to situations that would break any academic or corporate policies.
  • Our expert writers should not help students cheat or commit fraud in any way.
  • Our expert writers must not provide any student enrolled in an educational institution with writing services knowing, or under the circumstances having reason to know, that the said services would be used fraudulently. Implying that the services be used with the intent for submission either in whole or parts under said student's name to such educational institution in fulfillment of the requirements, or for attaining a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study.

A Message for Parents and Teachers

My Perfect Essay encourages both parents and teachers to be a part of the global educational mission of this project. We believe that future education will involve personalized learning, as well as learning from examples.

We encourage the teachers to:

  • Authorize your students to share classroom material with each other in order to help a classmate get the most out of My Perfect Essay.
  • Allow the students to use the tools, samples, and services available at to improve their research and writing skills.
  • Not to stop students from using the ‘write my paper’ services or products offered by or its expert writers during the learning process
  • Allow them to get help from expert writers at My Perfect Essay when they are working on a dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, or report But this doesn’t include getting help with preparing or researching these projects. They must do all of the work themself and turn in the project with their academic credentials.

We encourage the teachers to:

  • Help improve your child's academic performance and skills by providing financial support to them. This will allow them to have access to products and services at My Perfect Essay that can help them academically.
  • Support your child to use our services. My Perfect Essay offers many free samples and services to help students learn and improve their academic performance.

Academic Integrity Abuse

Academic Integrity is essential to a student's success, so it should never be compromised. If you notice any violations on the My Perfect Essay platform please contact us right away and report the abuse!