Refund & Cancellation

We take immense pride in our exceptional customer satisfaction rate, with over 95% of our clients returning for repeat orders. However, recognizing that errors can occur, our Refund Policy is designed to offer solutions when necessary. Our aim is to establish a transparent and equitable financial relationship between our customers and experts.

In relation to our services, we undertake the responsibility of delivering products promptly and in accordance with the specific requirements outlined in the customer's Order. Should any aspect of the expert's obligations related to delivery fall short, the customer becomes eligible for a partial or complete refund as outlined in our Refund Policy.

General Guidelines

Customers have the option to seek a refund or payment reversal only if the received product falls below the expected standards of quality or deviates from the provided instructions for completion. The refund process will adhere to our terms, determined by our quality assistance department's decisions. Prior to pursuing a refund, customers are encouraged to consider utilizing the "revisions" option for their order. More information about revision terms can be found in our terms and conditions.
If both the final product and the revised version do not meet expectations, customers can request a refund during the refund period. This period commences while the order is in progress and the refund process is initiated after the deadline is surpassed; occasionally, this period extends up to 72 hours after the product's completion. The countdown for the refund period is automated by our system. Once this period expires, refund requests cannot be accommodated.

Our support team handles quality-based refund assessments, which are processed within 3 to 5 business days after receiving the request.
Refunds are provided either as an account balance or through the preferred payment method of the client.
It's important to note that refunds cannot be issued to the bonus balance. The money-back guarantee outlines the refund request process and the scenarios under which full, partial, or no refund is applicable. Partial refunds may be offered in exceptional circumstances or after thorough evaluation.
The refund request process follows the List of Violations (LOV), which is a mandatory requirement. The LOV details issues with the product and discrepancies in relation to predefined requirements and standards stated in the Order form or Terms and Conditions. Certain additional exceptions may apply based on the case, such as plagiarism. Hence, it's essential to match your requirements with the LOV.

Our website serves solely as a platform and does not participate in any agreements between Experts and Customers or any services/materials provided by experts. The Company disclaims responsibility for monitoring interactions between Customers and Experts. Our Refund Policy facilitates reimbursement when the delivered product fails to meet the outlined requirements in the Order. As our website specializes in academic assistance, we prioritize ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Full payment can be refunded in the following scenarios:

  • Order cancellation before writer assignment or within 15 minutes of order creation.
  • Double payment for an order. Immediate contact with the support department is crucial in such cases.
  • Missed deadline or non-download by the customer.

Refund eligibility also extends to cases of deviation from initial instructions, with alignment to LOV.
If plagiarism exceeds 10%, a refund may be provided. However, we do not guarantee refunds for similarity in content not provided by the writer.
To maintain transparency, there are specific instances in which we may offer a refund:

  • Expert not assigned: If no expert has been assigned, the paid amount is refunded.
  • Order cancellation: Refund amounts range from 100% to 70% based on various factors, if the paper hasn't been uploaded yet. Completed work may result in a Disputed Claim assessment by the Quality Assurance department.
  • Delay in delivery: Reimbursement for delivery delays is determined in consultation with the customer. No refund if delay stems from incomplete customer details.
  • Dispute case: The Quality Assurance Department investigates dissatisfaction claims for fair resolution.
  • Duplicate Invoice: Notify us promptly about double charges, providing receipts for investigation and full refund issuance.
  • Issues with originality: Refunds may be partial, subject to Quality Assurance assessment, grades, and feedback.

Refund eligibility also extends to cases of deviation from initial instructions, with alignment to LOV.
If plagiarism exceeds 10%, a refund may be provided. However, we do not guarantee refunds for similarity
in content not provided by the writer. To maintain transparency, there are specific instances in which we may offer a refund: We cannot refund for claims of course failure or low grades, as our platform aims to assist educational
improvement independently. Editing/proofreading orders must align with customer instructions; no refund
for contextual or originality issues.
Refunds are available within six months from the original transaction date, returned to the initial payment method. No refund if six months have passed. Refund processing: Typically, within two business days after confirmation, with no responsibility for
bank-related issues.
Addressing chargebacks: Chargeback results in account suspension; fees due to chargebacks or dispute resolution are user responsibilities.
Expired accounts: Inactivity for 180 days results in account deletion along with associated data. Account deactivation: Account deletion possible, but no refunds for cancellations; violations lead to account suspension without refund.
Safe transactions: Third-party payment services secure credit/debit card info; transactions are encrypted.
Data Management: Billing data handled by payment partners; we're not liable for their data protection.
Tax information: Users pay transaction fees and taxes; experts pay commissions.
Payment receipts: Experts receive payments via third-party services for completed orders.
Other: Payments for educational services only; not for illegal/fraudulent activities.
Authorship after refund: Cancelled orders' products remain our ownership; customers can't use them.
Changes to the policy: Updated policies posted on the website; advance notice when possible.

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